Aotea Harbour


This holiday house occupies an exquisite and little know promontory on our western coastline Its modest site area (600sq metres) belies its expansive single level living. Flanked on its eastern boundary by the Garage/ guest room The first floor bunkroom lookout stands sentry over the eastern bay with panoramic view from its protected balcony as far as the wild western coastline. The fortress like screened northern eastern wall protects the main covered courtyard.

Two fireplaces stand central on opposing boundaries and divide the site into three deeply protected thresholds to the outdoor spaces.

Designed as a cozy sanctuary for the extended family & friends it can be seamlessly unfolded in three directions in response to wind changes and climate.

Building on such an exposed site during one of the wettest years on record was a formidable challenge for Stewart Hanna Builders. A very high level of workmanship was required for much of the highly crafted detail and intricate structure.


  • Gold 2018
  • Regional Category 2018
  • regional lifestyle award 2018
  • Gold Reserve 2018