St Johns Methodist Church


St John’s Church replaced the original church building dating from 1910.

The new church is a single space, square in plan, and rotated 9 degrees off axis. The interior is defined by a glulam pine structure. Divided into 5 equal bays, the space between each structural grid consists of either glass or larch battens.

North and south facades are predominantly glass to provide a visual continuity from the park opposite, through the church, and into a rear garden. The solidity of the west facade provides visual and acoustic privacy from the street. A tall slender window in this wall provides a glimpse to an established oak tree on the street verge.

The weathering steel facade contrasts the neighbourhoods mixed architectural styles, while complementing the tones of the many trees along the street and park. The glazed public façade is screened with vertical timber fins set at an angle to the church façade.

The new St John’s Church provides versatile space for the parish’s three separate congregations. Sliding doors connect the space to the existing foyer and provide spill over area for larger gatherings.


  • Gold 2018